PRELIMS IMP Asia Environmental Enforcement Award-2020 Prelims – Environment 1. The Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) has received the Asia Environmental Enforcement Award-2020. 2. It is awarded by the United Nations Environment Programme. 3. This is the second award in three years by WCCB. 4. WCCB has been awarded this year under the Innovation category. Earlier, the Bureau had received the award in 2018 under the same category. Source: AIR International Solar Alliance Prelims – Environment 1. The International Solar Alliance (ISA) plans to launch the World Solar Bank (WSB) at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. 2. A development that will support India’s attempt to secure leadership in the climate arena. 3. The ISA is the first treaty-based international government organization headquartered in India. 4. This development is significant as the green finance because the priority themes of COP- 26 as the US re-joining the Paris climate accord. 5. The ISA was co-f


 PRELIMS IMP PLI Scheme for Telecom and Networking Products Prelims - Economy 1. The Union Cabinet has approved Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme for Telecom and Networking Products. 2. The PLI Scheme intends to promote the manufacture of Telecom and Networking Products in India with a financial incentive. 3. Globally Telecom and Networking Products exports represent a US$100 billion market opportunity, which can be exploited by India. 4. The schemes aim to manufacture equipment such as core transmission equipment, 4G/5G Next Generation Radio Access Network and Wireless Equipment, Internet of Things (IoT) Access Devices, Other Wireless Equipment and Enterprise equipment like Switches, Routers etc. in India. 5. India will be positioned as a global hub for manufacturing of Telecom and Networking Products. Source: PIB Draft Blue Economy Policy for India Prelims – Economy 1. Ministry of Earth Sciences has released Draft Blue Economy Policy document. 2. The document outlines the visi